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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

R Workflow

When working with R you end up using a large number of datasets, packages, functions, objects, output files, workspaces, etc.  It can get a bit overwhelming trying to keep everything organized.  That is why a consistent, well-organized workflow is needed.  I definitely do not have one yet.  I'll post more on script editors and IDEs another time but for now I just wanted to share this video on R Workflow that includes Eclipse, Sweave, LaTeX, and R.

Good luck and feel free to comment with any personal experiences or suggestions.


  1. Workflow is something I haven't even considered yet. Let me know what you find works and is intuitive.

  2. @Bill - will do. I definitely haven't gotten a smooth, efficient workflow down yet. To complicate matters I sometimes run are on my Mac and sometimes run R in Windows via VMWare Fusion (if I need to run WinBUGS or the lme4 package).